At our house we use these fabric bags with ribbon ties instead of wrapping paper for Christmas.  Just like wrapping paper does, they end up in a pile on the floor after the frenzy of present-opening.  Bailey seized the opportunity.  I resisted the temptation to join him.

The Huff family attended 4 parties in three days this year; with both a brunch and a dinner on Boxing Day.  We are well and truly pooped.  And we all have food hangovers.  Phillip and I felt so debauched and gross after the 3rd party that we took a donation to the food bank in the hopes of restoring karmic balance.

Today I'm finishing the sample for our Mystery Knitalong.  And then, just because it's the ONLY thing I haven't indulged myself in during the last few days, I'm going to spin.  Just. Sit. And Spin. 

For those who went back to work today, I wish you a very quiet, and short week.  There's a special vibe around the workplace during the week between Christmas and New Year, and it's not altogether unpleasant; Half the world is on vacation and the other half is just phoning it in.  And for you who are on vacation, I send my hopes for a peaceful day of reflection.  And if you need it (like we do),  the antiacid of your choice.