Welcome Diversion

Friends of the Blog Vicki and Lisa have given us all a present:  Permission to engage in Slow Knitting.

Slow Knitting isn't the same as knitting slowly; it's more akin to the Slow Food movement:  Independently-sourced, personal, and delightful.  Slow knitting is one of the 10 Secrets Vicki and Lisa share with us, and what treats these 10 things are!

Another of the 10 secrets is to find a Wise Woman with whom to knit.  Great advice that - so necessary to the learning of knitting is a Wise Woman that my own quest for one took three years and resulted in my first book.  I finally found her, but not in the form I expected:  She turned out to be an entire community, and a circle of friends, rather than one person.

And of course, there are patterns!  Getta load of these cuties:  Melvin the Musical Monster, by Rebecca Danger.  This pattern so enchanted Lindsay that she cast on immediately, and completed her first entire monster leg in one afternoon.

Other stunners include:
Sivia Harding's Smoked Jewels Hooded Shawlette - A wisp of beaded fluff with a cunningly fitted neckline and integral hood.

Linda Cortright's Wild Linda's Camisole - An elegant marriage of pattern and fiber, perfect to showcase the very best gourmet string.

Brenda Patipa's Memories Tab Cardigan - the cleverest use of leftover stash yarn I've seen in a long time, and one I'm dying to knit.

10 Secrets of the LaidBack Knitters is the quintessential collaborative effort: The co-authors, the designers, and even Vicki and Lisa's friends from Knit Night all came together to bring it into existence.  What better parents to birth a book than a group of loving and dedicated knitters?  Give this book to your favorite knitter as a present and a reminder of your affection.  Especially if your favorite knitter is YOU.