This post is for my friends in the Portland, Oregon area.  This morning I got an e-mail from the lovely and dear-hearted Elif, who was in the Broadway Goodwill last night and found two of my stolen sweaters.  Tina, the manager of that store says that they sometimes send sweaters out to other stores when their racks get too full, so there is a possibility that others are waiting to be found in other Goodwill stores.  If you are free to do so today, and find yourself in the vicinity of a Goodwill store in the Portland area - won't you please help me to take a look for them?  If you are lucky enough to find one or more of the stolen pieces, please take them to the store manager and ask them to hold the piece(s) until I can come collect them, then just drop me a line at mary@maryscotthuff.com. Rewards will be given to Elif, and anybody else who helps me make a recovery!

Thank you my friends!

Love Mary

PS - the sweaters Elif found are the Wedding Belle, and Being Koi.  Bless Her.