Stranded With Mary: Episode 3

My stunningly talented students at Yorkshire Yarns are closing in on the completion of the knitting of their stranded colorwork cardigans.

Last weekend we met to tackle my favorite part of the workshop:  The steeks.  We practiced three different techniques for steeking, and then each student picked the best way for her particular project and DID THE DEED! 

If I live to be a hundred, I will never fail to be delighted by watching a knitter slice open her knitting with scissors.  Sweater-cutting is thrill-seeking behavior, to be sure:

Sarah separated her gorgeous fair-isle patterned sleeves.

Tami opened the front of her tile-motif cardigan up, and made two sleeves from one tube.

Janell fearlessly sliced open her Scandinavian-style body tube.

Jeanne blew her Philosopher's Wool body tube wide open, with gusto.

The crew are working their way toward the final steps of finishing: sleeve-setting, neckline-cutting, and edge-binding.  Our final class will highlight all those parts, and more.

I am so proud of their work I could actually bust.  And in addition to some truly stunning knitting, they are also making discoveries about how knitting is shaped. And how it could be shaped, in their very own hands, in future projects.

Absolutely. Fabulous.