Stranded With Mary: Episode 2

There's regular old garden-variety-ain't-it-swell ambition, and then there's the take-no-prisoners, relentless, extreme brand of knitting that my Stranded students are bringing:

Each knitter set progress goals for this meeting, and then we had show and tell.

Ready to have your mind blown?  With only one exception, none of these students had ever made stranded colorwork before our first class, three weeks ago.  That's right:  You're looking at the work of beginners.  I'll understand if you need to take a moment...

We are having so much fun together.  And everyone's piece is so unique and personal to them - it's like watching each knitter produce their very own fingerprint.

Tami finished her entire body tube in three weeks.  What a rockstar! 

Everybody is working on sleeves and bodies now, most with the intention to be ready for steeking in 5 weeks.  Think they'll make it?  Me too.