Soldiering On

Soldiering On.jpg

Here are the skeins for my sweater du jour, which was due last week.  Aren't they beautiful?  I love how full of promise they seem, reporting for duty like that.  I took this picture before starting the sweater, but I think I'll actually be finishing it today.  Then I'll write its pattern, and finish up the last of the work that was due on the first of this month.  It's my first missed deadline, and I feel pretty disappointed about it.  On the positive side, I'm really only about a week behind, so it could have been worse.

July always hits me like a ton of bricks - I have no idea where the first part of summer went.  It's weird at this latitude:  we don't have any summer weather until vacation is half over, so it kind of sneaks up on us.  But the weather is finally beautiful, and we are free to go outside, and stretch our leaves to the sun.  I'm thinking of knitting outside for a while, though what I really feel like doing is spinning.  Maybe I'll offer that to myself as a reward for finishing the missed deadline stuff.

Enjoy your weekend, Gentle Readers.  See you on the other side.