Random Bits of Fluff

1 Announcement:

I am scheduled to teach twice in California at the end of this month.

Green Planet Yarn  in Campbell, CA on Saturday, April 30
Piedmont Yarn in Oakland, CA on Sunday, May 1

Both classes currently have openings, so please come and play with me if you will be in the area!

1 Silly Picture:

Random 1.jpg

The dogs were there first; Lindsay decided to join them on their chair.

3 Tantalizing Teasers:

Lest you suspect that the Knitwear designer writing this here blog doesn't do any actual knitting lately, I just thought I'd share a wee bit.  These are for the new book.  And it's about Color Knitting.  And I really love them.  And there are more still to do.  Many more.  My final deadline is September 1, so I'm pretty much a knitting fool.  Not that I wasn't before.

And finally;

1 Dog Grooming Update:

The Good News is that no one has been physically injured.  The Bad News is, well:

Random 5.jpg

Paisley and Bailey and I are in agreement:  Dog grooming is NOT as easy as it looks.

We three have much to learn, in the ways of the clippers.