Pressing On

Pressing On.jpg

I finished a felted tote bag today at 2 am.  Which leaves only a second knee sock, an entrelac hat, and an stranded colorwork sweater still to knit by July 1.  The good news is the sweater has short sleeves.  The bad news is that the yarn isn't here yet.

I'm starting to think about vacations, and wondering what it would be like to take a break from knitting.  Not seriously wondering, you understand, just casually noticing that even people who really love what they do sometimes take time off from it.  But I have no idea what else I would do with myself.

I can't imagine what it would be like not to knit every day.  Trying to conceive of it makes my left eye twitch.  But I can get behind the idea of some purely recreational knitting.  Some spinning, maybe.  Anything without a deadline hanging over it.

I often remind myself that the great thing about deadlines is eventually, they always arrive.  And after they do, you can quit thinking about them, one way or the other. 

Predictably, Phillip and the Smallies being home on summer vacay is cramping my style.  Everyplace I look, there's a body.  Campbell has taken to building forts out of the living room sofa cushions, which keeps him entertained, but makes for less-than-optimal seating.  Lindsay has a cold, which makes her cross and needy.  Phillip's laptop died, which means that due to his compulsive need to surf the interwebs, he's constantly hogging my computer. 

Fortunately, I can knit.  I think I'll join Campbell in the living room fort.