Personally, I Blame the Chair


I think there may be something wrong with my physical knitting environment.  Some ne'er-do-well spirit, lurking about the joint that makes me knit the same thing wrong, over and over again.  It's not the first time I've noticed this phenomenon:  The less time I have to get things done in, the more times I have to do them over.

I know what you're going to say, but it couldn't possibly be User Error, because I have exactly the same number of skills as I did yesterday, when I was knitting perfectly.  So I think it has to be caused by some external influence.  The pets are minding their own business, so I can't blame them.  The lighting is fine.  The temperature is appropriate.  I'm fed, watered and rested.  There is absolutely nothing wrong here, except that today my knitting has been like applying mascara wearing boxing gloves: Destined to end in tears.  The fourth time I gutted the same stinking 7-row band of peeries in the Fair Isle vest, I realized that I'm in a suck-spiral.  I can't knit right, and then I tear it out, and I can't knit right again, in a whole new way.

This would be the sort of day one takes off from knitting, except that I don't have any extra days in my current knitting schedule.  Even if I only get three stitches right today, I still have to have something to show for this day, so I'll spend the next 4 hours in pursuit of those three stitches. 

I need an exorcism to rid me and my knitting of the demons of miscounted and split stitches.  Some ritual chanting to cleanse my space of jacked-up steeks and lying gauge swatches. 

Send me your good vibes, and I'll send you mine.  I'm looking for them under the chair.