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Sometimes I just can't believe my good fortune.  Not only do I get to make knitting for my job, I'm surrounded by beautiful creative souls who want to help me do it, and who let me have their gorgeous art for my inspiration.  I hope I do their work justice.  And I hope what I do will inspire the knitters. 

Here are some raw materials I'm working with today.  Dreamy, no?  These are all classic Abstract Fiber colors, done up on a brand new yarn base, which I think we are all really going to like.  It's called "Calder", a superwash merino sportweight.    Watch for it in my new book:  I'm making a garment I've never made before (who knew there was a part of the anatomy I have yet to knit for?), using a technique I've never tried, in a yarn I know nothing about.  What could possibly go wrong?  I'm not worried, because I have the advantage of ignorance.  When the expectation bar starts out artificially low, there's no real way to be disappointed in the execution.

Today, in addition to playing with string, I'm internalizing all your insightful comments about what makes a popular knitting pattern.  I'm so grateful to you for your input.  You echoed a lot of my own observations, and offered many I hadn't considered.  Thanks, all of you, for being so smart, and for spreading it around. 



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