It's Always the Math

I've been doing some project management this morning.  I've been really stressed out about how much book has to be written as of July 1, versus how much knitting is complete as of today.  So I organized my thoughts, listed the projects I have to worry about, and counted the days I have left.  Simple!  All I have to do is knit and write patterns for 9 projects in 37 days.  37 / 9 = 4.11111.  All I have to do is complete a project and pattern every 4 days.  Some of the projects are full-size sweaters, and some are not.  So I guess some will take more than 4 days, and some will take less. 

Now, my experience informs me that knitting a full-size sweater and writing and sizing its pattern in 4 days is not an especially reasonable goal.  I'd like more like 4 weeks for something like that, if I am to also do things like eat, sleep and attempt oral hygiene.  Oh, and there are the Smallies to raise.  And classes to teach.  And an appearance or two.  And at least three other knitted items to make that are non-book related, but income-generating necessities.

Clearly I have a Math Problem.  Why can't there be math that tells me there's still plenty of time and everything will be okay?  Why's every pocket calculator an Official Captain Bringdown Mood Generator?  My problem is not how much work I have to do, it's the quantification of the time I have to do it in. 

If anyone needs me, I'll be in the corner, rocking back and forth.  And Not thinking about Math.