Dress Parade

We make quite a spectacle, the Pooches, the Smallies and me, when we go to the bus stop each morning.  After the Smallies get on the bus, the remaining three of us take a walk.  This was the view from under my hat this morning:

The rain is still cold, here in my neck of the woods.  Cold and relentless.  March is positively suicidal at this latitude:  No sunlight for weeks and weeks.  Nothing but rain and more rain.  All those artificial sun lamps for the treatment of SAD start flicking on in March.

But we're making our own sunshine.  Scotties sporting tartan and argyle.  If that doesn't make you laugh, then you are made of stone.

Yes, I know I need to make them some properly hand knit sweaters.  Please feel free to post your design and color suggestions.

And since it is said that everyone is Irish on St. Patrick's Day, the Celts at our house wish you much green beer, and very little Blarney, and a downhill road all the way to your door.  Sla'inte!