Counting Crows, Counting Friends

Counting Crows.jpg

This morning, the Fed-Ex man brought me love in a box.  The dear sweet friends over at Knit Picks had this sample made for a catalog shoot a while back, and thought I should have it as a replacement for the original red one that was stolen.  I really can't express my surprise and delight.  It's yet another example of the kindness and generosity of Knitters.  What a very special gang we are.

The Counting Crows pullover was the first design I made for The New Stranded Colorwork.  I knit it before there was a book, or even an agreement to write one.  I remember announcing to the Smallies that I was going to make a sweater with crows on it, and asking them to decide who it would be for.  They bickered for a while, and then between them, came to the realization that if the older one got the sweater first, then the younger one would get it as soon as it was outgrown.  Not a bad bit of logic, and I remember being proud, both that they were clever, and that they both liked the sweater design that well.

Neither kid ended up wearing Counting Crows.  It was away at the publisher, and then rolling around in my sample case for so long that they both outgrew it before either one got a chance.  But they both still love it, and were delighted to see this new incarnation of it coming home to roost.

Thank you Kelley, Alison, Melissa and Stacey.  Today I'm counting my blessings, and I'm counting you each, twice.