Campbell Spins A Yarn

We like to tell stories at our house.  At the end of a dark winter day, when night turns cold, the smallies and I have been known to snuggle up together under something cozy and tell each other stories.  Campbell made one up recently, especially for me: 

There once was a Sheep named Elmer, whose fleece was black and fluffy,  and he lived on a farm in the country.

One day the news said that a Twister was coming!  All the farm animals were very afraid, but Elmer decided that he would stop the tornado by catching it.  The storm came closer and closer to Elmer, and he bravely stuck out his front hoof to catch it by the tip of its funnel cloud.

Unfortunately, the pointy end of the funnel bounced off of Elmer's shiny hoof, and instead landed squarely on Elmer's fluffy butt, where it began to twist in his curly black fleece.

Tighter and tighter the twister wound Elmer's fleece, until his wool began miraculously to draft!  The funnel cloud pulled away from Elmer, drawing out a long strand of yarn.  Tighter and tighter the yarn twisted, and  longer and longer the strand grew.  His hind legs left the ground as the tornado pulled hard against him.  Elmer held tight to the earth by chomping down hard on a sturdy tuft of grass.  Finally, the long strand of yarn broke free from Elmer's butt, and went swirling up into the sky inside the twister.

Safely on the ground, Elmer watched as the long strand of yarn wound around and around inside the tornado, until it formed a perfect ball of yarn.  When the storm finally blew away, the perfect ball of yarn fell back to earth, where it was picked up by Elmer's shepherd, who was very glad to find it.  The shepherd (who had thumbs) knitted a sweater from Elmer's ball of yarn, and gave it to his wife.  She loved the sweater very much, and wore it every day.  

The End.