Bon Voyage, Y'all

My Family are headed to Devil's Lake today:

Our dear friends invite us to their vacation house every summer, where we paddle in boats, lounge in the hammock, play golf, read books, eat, drink and generally make lazy slobs of ourselves.

This year I'm missing it.

I elected to be good and stay home to work.  I am not feeling smug and self-satisfied with my decision, though I'm hoping that will come.  In fact, I'm feeling good and sorry for myself, even thought I know I shouldn't.

Getting to do the work of a knitting author was one of my fondest dreams, and now that it's come true, I don't want complain about it.  I just wish the timing were of my current project were different. 

So even though I'll be working all weekend, I'm going to pretend I'm on a vacation, too.  The closeness of my fam this summer has been a challenge for me:  I like a bit of space to myself, especially when I'm working, which flatly has not been an option for the last 90 days.  Having them scram (especially when I know they'll be having a good time) is a change of pace for me that I'm sure will be good.  And measurable gains on my book will definitely make me happy. 

Oh, and it's not like I'll be without proper supervision:  Paisley and Bailey are staying here too, to keep an eye on things.  No telling what we three might get up to...