Art Yarn. Or possibly, Bob Yarn.

What do you get when you cross Shetland with Crosspatch?

Twice as much two-ply as you might have had, spinning them alone!  I took the morning off to ply up these singles, and see what all the fuss is about with yarn that is intentionally bumpy, irregular and unpredictable.

Art Yarn 2.jpg

I asked myself, "Would I buy this skein of yarn if I were just now seeing it for the first time?"  And the answer is "I'm not sure.  Is it on sale?"

But then I laid aside my smoothness prejudice ( I really like it when I know what size each stitch is going to be), and tried to embrace my inner spinner.  She's only 2 years old, after all, and there is still a lot she has to explore about spinning.

I decided that I like the colors, especially the surprises of the odd bright blue or lavender speck.  I think I dig it, as a skein, but I might like it less, once knitted.  On the other hand, knitted yarn is so much different than skeined yarn that they are almost different species, so I really should suspend judgement.

There are going to be about 300 yards of this, once finished.  Bigger brains than mine should suggest what to make with it...