All in Good Time

It seems like only yesterday that I was sorting out the challenges presented by my Noro project.  Not that I was at liberty to show it to you, or tell you much about it, at the time.

But now I finally can!  Introducing:

It's available now, so I can tell you all the things I wanted to say last summer but couldn't, such as: I am very proud of this piece, for many reasons.

First of all, it's Dead Sexy, if I do say so myself.  Second, its selection for publication validates some very hard work I had been doing to improve my sketching skills:

You'll notice that Vogue's selection of colorway differs from what I originally suggested - I imagined a dark background, while they chose a light one.

Here's what the sample looked like when I finished it:

If you look closely, you can see that Vogue changed my purple and silver buttons to bronze ones.  They also changed the name of the design from "Niji" (Japanese for "rainbow") to the very original "Fair Isle Cardigan". 

But it's still mine (well, in spirit, at least - Vogue owns the sample), and I'm proud to have it featured in a what I think is a very beautiful book.