What Would Molly Weasley Do?

To state that my children are Harry Potter fans would be the same as saying that I sort of like knitting.  Lindsay has poured through the cannon at least six times.  Campbell is just now discovering the series, which means that Lindsay is falling in love with it all over again, this time through her brother's eyes.

We came to the chapter when Harry receives his first Christmas present, in the form of a handknit Weasley jumper, and they both begged me to knit them their own.  One of the unparalleled delights of having Smallies is the opportunity of knitting for them.  And I know the day may come when they are no longer interested in sweaters made by "The Wooly Mom-uth" (Cam's name for me).  So without actually agreeing to the project, I have secretly begun work on two Monogrammed crewnecks.  Lindsay asked for Maroon, while Campbell requested Forest Green.  They're nothing if not specific.

Time being what it is, I elected to bang out the sweateres in bulky wool , on nice fat size 10 needles.  Imagine my surprise when I realized that not only are they are both wearing the same size, but it's going to be an adult size!  For the proper slouchiness (and longevity of wear), I decided the sweaters should have 36" chests, which means that the Smallies are officially No Longer Small.  I plan to remain in denial at least until the new year.

I asked a pal with kids about the same age as mine, and also hardcore HP lovers, if she'd like to knitalong with me.  Sure! She replied.  I sent her the first line of the pattern I'm making up, to which she replied in horror: "Whaddya mean knitting in the round?  How can you do the intarsia initial then?"  It had NEVER occurred to me to make the initials in intarsia.  I had reasoned that the only way to get the sizing and placement perfect would be to duplicate-stitch the letters on at the end.  Intarsia?  I don't want to work that hard.  "Isn't that cheating?" asked my pal.  I never even thought of that.  She raised the bar.

WWMWD 3.jpg

Here's what I have so far. If I were to do an intarsia initial, it would be time to start pretty soon.  But I really can't decide.  Accuracy in placement and speed of getting them done would decree that duplicate stitch is the way to go.  But what would I be sacrificing in the way of authenticity?  The pictures I've been able to find of the originals don't tell me for sure which technique was used. 

What Would Molly Weasley Do?  Well, she's the mother of seven children, so obviously she's got to be working with a thought to efficiency.  But on the other hand, she has a MAGIC WAND, that can probably save her at least a couple of minutes.

Kindly weigh in, Gentle Readers:  Do I Muggle Out and duplicate-stitch them, or work an incantation for the proper intarsia?  I'll wait while you decide.