The Scenery Changes; The Dialogue, Not So Much

The cast of the Huff family made our annual sojourn to the Oregon Coast for Labor Day.  We joined three other families there for a fun-filled weekend of water sports, outdoor knitting, and other forms of lighthearted debauchery. 

Campbell did some snorkeling in the hot tub.

My two favorite fellas went for a paddle.

Phillip and Justin held down beach chairs, under the careful supervision of their dogs.

The Smallies became surfers.

I boned up on my required reading.  This, by the way, is how a knitter sunbathes: Sunblock two million and a great big hat.  I still got burned.

I spent some quality time with my Black Sheep.  I cast on for this on Friday, and snapped this picture on Sunday.  Knit Much?  Funny how fast I go when there's no deadline...

And then it was over as abruptly as it seemed to start.  I sent Phillip and the Smallies off to school.

And that's that.  My first summer at home with my family is in the bag.  The four of us made it through 90 days in 1400 un-air-conditioned square feet together.  Any lived to tell the tale.  The worst day of this summer was still better than my best day at the office.  I am the luckiest mommy in the world to have been able to share it with them.

The stillness in the house is deafening.  I think I'll get used to it.