Tell Me, Tell Me True

From time to time, I am called upon to search the innermost recesses of my knowledge base and come up with something truly enlightening to share with my fellow knitters.  This is known as Teaching, and it is the reverse side of the coin of knitwear design.  Strange but true, it is extremely difficult to succeed as a designer in the knitting world unless you can also teach.  And it's really too bad, because there are some super terrific teachers in this world, and there are undeniably grand designers, and they aren't necessarily the same people.  Why should they be?  Having a great eye for proportion in no way translates to the ability to hold the attention of a class.  Years of practice in educational theory and the many ways people learn will help you not a whit when it's time to pick the right colors.  But there it is:  if ya gotta put yarn bread on the table, then ya gotta teach some classes.  So while I am careful never to assume that being a good designer will make me a good teacher, OR vice-versa, I am fortunate that I really do love both sides of the coin.  Lucky girl, me.  Love. My. Job.

The next part of the equation is Curriculum Development, whereby the teacher-type determines a need (some idea for a class that another teacher isn't already doing brilliantly), writes a study plan (wow! I'm really going to talk about that for three hours?), and markets the product (please please please hire me to teach a class at your shop/event/resort).

All of which brings me to today's request:  Tell me, O Gentle Readers, if you were going to take a class with me, and the class were about socks, what would you like for me to teach you?

Please post a comment with your ideas.  What would you like to understand about socks that has eluded you?  If you have been in my classes before, imagine yourself back there, and then think of what you'd ask me about socks.  If you haven't been in my class yet, imagine a teacher that you really like, and what you would want them to share with you about socks.  Or, if it suits you better, tell us all what you NEVER want to hear of another sock-making class on again.  If there is a topic you think has been beaten to death, please let us know. 

Whatever you might have to say about sock knitting, and classes thereon, I really need to hear it.  You lot have never let me down or led me wrong with your insights, so let fly! 

Fun, arbitrary prizes will be given for the best submissions: Let the Enlightenment Begin.