Rare Gems, Indeed

Rare Gems are special skeins of yarn which come from Blue Moon Fiber Arts.  Available only in the Blue Moon booth at shows, retreats and festivals, Rare Gems are always gorgeous, always precious, and always one of a kind.  That's right.  The yarny glory here arranged here on my dining room table is a group of rare gems, destined for the lucky winners of last week's contest.

I have matched a name and number to each precious skein, ready to be mailed to the lucky winners.  And then a clever beast I know (who could well be described as our very own anonymous Blog Angel), suggested that I make it a contest within a contest.  What the heck?  I'm game if you are! 

Here's what to do:  Winners have been notified by e-mail, and each of their names is written on the back of one of these numbered tags.  Winners, guess which skein I have chosen for you, and if you're right, I'll send you a BONUS skein (not pictured, to retain the mystery), as well.

I'm chasing lots of deadlines at the mo (including the relentless Christmas Knitting), so this wee game is a welcome diversion to me.  Thanks for playing along.  Oh, and in case you didn't notice, every single suggestion comment from last week is getting a prize.  I know.  I have no self-control.  Not exactly news to you lot.  If you made a suggestion last week and I don't yet have your mailing address, please send an e-mail to mary@maryscotthuff.com

Happy knitting, guessing, and yarn-hoarding.  And thank you, Blog Angel, for your unwavering support.  The Gentle Readers and I think you are the Rarest Gem of all.