Mad Fandango

Although my history of dancing at weddings is tragic (I once blew out my ACL when they played "Twist and Shout" at my friends' reception. I did both, effectively ending my pro football career), I'm ready for another go at it.  Even if I land in another crumpled heap on the dance floor, at least I will look sassy doing so:

Twirly, no?  Looks a bit Flamenco, if I do say so myself.

Assisting in today's photo shoot is Ichabod, who normally oversees the activity in my sister's laundry room.  I thought he deserved a special assignment, so he came outside to sit on the windsor chair. 

He's not a bad model, once you get past his ego (thinks he's God's gift to laundry room statuary-there'll be no living with him now that he's famous). 


Things I practiced/learned/used on the Mad Fandango:


2-ply handspun: Spun loose & plied tight makes fluffy yarn and happy knitting.

Ruffle: It's just possible I have been cured of knitting ruffles.

Short Rows:  I wanted it wider at the center and narrower at the ends. Which is what happened.

I-Cord bind off:  Always wondered how that worked, and now I know.  I dig it.


All this and I didn't even have to shake my grove thing.