In My Bubble

Okay, my very patient future Madrona students; Feast your eyes on this:

24 Vonderful Violets kits, ready to find you, via USPS!

Would you believe that my completion of the Violets kits coincided with a city-wide Bubble Mailer shortage?  Me neither, until the FIFTH stop in my procurement odyssey, when I finally scored some.  Really?  Is this some bizarre convergence of year-end Bubble-mailing and planetary high-jinx?  Today, of all days, when I so smugly packed up all 24 beautiful kits?  Couldn't happen, but it did.  Lucky for you, future students, the Knitting Gods are only interested in kicking MY butt today, not yours too.  So it's off to the all-nite Post Office (living near the airport has its rewards), and next stop: Your House! 

I think you'll find them worth the wait, even if I do say so myself. 

Tomorrow marks the one year anniversary of my last day in the cube farm (aka, "The Seventh Circle of Hell").  I can't believe a whole year has passed since my side job became my real job.  Thank you, Gentle Readers, for sticking with me through the first 365 of the rest of my knitting career.  I love my job, and lucky for me, I could never do it without you.

Happy New Year, Knitting Friends!