I Could Tell You, But I'd Have to Kill You

Here's a sneak peak at the top secret project I'm working on:

Sorry, but that's all I can give you until publication.  I just wanted to offer:  A. Some context for my sniveling about corrugated rib, and B.  Proof that I really got it done.

But enough about me.  It's well past time that I took your temperature, Gentle Readers.  What are you working on?  Weigh in, won't you, and distract me from my pain with tales of your project fortitude?  Comment with your tour du jour, be it knitted lace or baseboard trim.  Send me a picture, with permission (or not) to post it, so we can all commiserate and congratulate one another properly.  I know there's more knitting in Heaven and Earth than my tiny mind can conceive, so let's have it, friends.  What's on your needles today?

As added incentive to share, I promise to award prizes and/or honorary titles to the best, worst, strangest, etc.