Greetings From Santa's Workshop

Where the elves work overtime to make snuggly hats.  Short of an actual tree, perhaps covered in mittens, I can't think of a picture more Christmas-y to a knitter than this one.  Red's for Lindsay, Green's for Campbell.  And they're finished.

Lindsay caught one of them soaking in my bathroom sink and insisted to know what/who it was for.  I flat-out lied and told her it was a sample for Vogue.  She probably will figure out that I made that up, because she herself commented on how much it looks like a Weasley hat, and she knows my designs are supposed to be original, so why would I design a hat for Vogue that already has existed for years?  Oh well.  I panicked.  The well-turned artificial phrase has never been my domain.

Oh, and in case you didn't know, it turns out that BULKY yarn knits up WAY FASTER than, say, the sock weight I usually use.  Pretty sure that revelation will make the cover of "DUH" magazine, but just saying. 

And lucky for me, too, since I just found out that a deadline I thought would be in January sometime is actually December 17.  Now, if I had some concept of how close January actually is, the loss of a perceived month of knitting time would not have shocked me so.  But as it happened, my colossal skill for denial was running things in that area of my brain, and I was operating as if January were a world away.  Not so, as it turns out.  Not only is January really really close to the end of November (I even looked at my calendar to confirm this), but December is even closer than that.  Craptastic. 

But it's okay.  The hats are done, after all.  Looks like Phillip will have to be content with some sort of non-knitted present this year.  Again.  I'm told he enjoys Scotch, though I can't imagine why someone married to me would need it.  Or maybe a subscription to "DUH" magazine...