Last weekend I had the great good fortune to teach a class to these ladies:

Heidi, Kristi, Donna, Nan and Jill are not only friends, they are family:  Living proof that the clan who knits together is the clan who fits together.  They met up at Kristi's house for an afternoon of knitting, snacks and high jinks, to which they invited me.  Turns out this gang all learned to knit from the same lady:  A Grandmother's gift that keeps on giving.  Being with them was almost like getting to meet her, and I wish every knitter could be remembered with such love and joy.  We made some steeks, and some edges, and some promises to do it again another day.  Big. Fun.

Then I came home after a week on the road, where my little family were as glad to see me as I was them.  And I got straight to work on my next dreamy project:

I am delighted to share with you that I get to make another exclusive design for Madrona next year!  As you can see, the yarn is coming from none other than Oregon's own Blue Moon Fiber Arts

Like last year, these kits will only be available to my students, and, in limited number, to attendees of the 2011 Madrona Winter Retreat. Check the Madrona website for registration information - Can't wait to see you there!

I never get tired of saying it:  I love my job.