Christmas Knitting and Other Delusions

Yesterday was great:  Thanks were Given, a feast (which I didn't prepare) was eaten, and a swell time was had by all.  I even wore the Violets Vest, to critical acclaim.  But compared to today, all that pales.  Today, my computer MAGICALLY recovered from a big nasty virus.  I had the virus cleaned, and along with it went all my e-mail archives, and every address I've ever had.  I was, shall we say, mildly put out.  I may have thrown certain non-essential pieces of hardware.  Who knew a stapler was so aerodynamic?

But today, beautiful today, I noticed a strange black screen on showing on my laptop when I walked by it, indicating some bizarre rite of self-diagnosis the machine was running.  When it was over ("process 3 of 3 complete"), I rebooted, and all the missing shortcuts on my desktop reappeared.  Just to see, I opened the e-mail program, and behold: Everything I Lost was back.  O brave new world that has such machines in't!  My faithful old pink laptop has somehow cured itself, without benefit even of chicken soup.  I love you, Pinky.  I'll never doubt you again. 

In a fit of renewed optimism, I started more Christmas Knitting for the Smallies:

It's an Animal Cracker Hat based on the one worn by Ron Weasley in the third Harry Potter movie.  I'm using the same yarn as for the monogrammed jumpers.  There's still a month to go before Christmas, so I know my knitting schedule can totally accommodate two more hats.  What could possibly go wrong?  I still have 1/2 a sleeve to do on Lindsay's sweater, and a little more than half the body on Campbell's.  And three socks; 1 more for Lindsay, and 2 for Cam.  I think I might be able to pull it off.  If I can lay off of working on the Oak Leaves, that is (oddly addictive, that one).  And keep up with my secret, unbloggable projects.  You know - my "work" knitting.  Totally reasonable goal.  Totally.  2 sweaters, 2 hats, and 2 pairs of socks.  No big deal. 

I will, naturally, need to eschew any unnecessary recreational activities in the meantime.  It's okay though.  Sleeping is overrated.