Process Milestone: Combover Complete

One of my goals for vacation (Really? Who sets vacation goals?) was to return home with all of the combing done on Caora Dubh.  To that end, I enlisted the help of two of my favorite smallies:  Lindsay, and Susie's son, Adam.  Lindsay is exactly three weeks older than Adam.  When they were really wee, Lindsay took to calling Adam "Baby" as soon as she learned that she was older.  He somehow put a stop to it around the time they turned three.  But I digress.

Lindsay taught Adam how to comb the locks, and keep them pointed all the same direction, lined up and ready to spin.  What could be cuter than smallies with fleece and dog combs?

I have no idea what they are plotting here, while I spin along innocently in the background, but you can bet they are up to something.  Not for nothing:  The photographer here is none other than Campbell.  Something's clearly afoot.

The smallies got a lot of combing done, and while I didn't make the goal, I was able to complete it this morning.  It didn't hurt my motivation that the new coopworth fleece arrived while we were gone.  In a bizarre fit of self-control, I told myself I couldn't open the box until the combing was complete. 

Here is the finished Pile O' Fluff, ready for spinning:

I can now officially state that it's all spinning from here on out.  No more processing left for Caora Dubh.

Let's hear it for Child Labor.