Changing the Scenery

"Marigold" is the color that would happen if Yellow drank protein shakes and took up kickboxing.  Behold my finally-painted Loo:

Amazing how long we human beings will live with what we don't like, because changing it requires more effort or imagination than we can muster.  But when we finally do, we wonder what took us so long.

I consider myself to be in the business of imagination, and this concept blows my mind: Why is it so easy for me to dream up, say, a baby cardigan, but totally impossible to conceive of an orange bathroom without help? 

Susie's visit (and creative input) gave me just the kick in the pants I needed to get off dead center and work on my physical environment.  Next stop:  Dining Room.  I'm even thinking that I'll plan a dinner party so that I have something to look forward to.  And an artificially-imposed deadline never hurts.

Of course, I forgot how much it blows to paint ceilings and walls.  I have aches in muscles I haven't used since the Clinton administration.  And to all of you who are remembering my recent 40th birthday, shut it.  I am in firm denial of my age, and so should you be.

After the painting, I collapsed on the sofa.  Of course, people who go horizontal at unsanctioned times of day must be punished.  Behold the uninvited Huff pile-up, including pets:

No rest  for the wicked.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, the shawl is much-loved:

So's the model.