All the Cool Kids are Doing it

Happy Mother's Day!  Here's a quick update:  I had no idea how many of us are closet shawl-wanters!  Your outpouring of support for my shawl saga is absolutely rocking my world.  Thank you thank you thank you, intrepid shawl makers who have joined me on my maiden quest!  For those on the fence, let me enable encourage you to participate this way:  Send me photos of your progress (and carnage of your frogging, if need be), and I will post them so everyone can share successes!  There is no deadline, no trophy for finishing first (except for my undying respect), and no pressure of any sort.  And though I'm a rank amateur, we have Maria's experienced hand for guidance, should things turn dodgy.

Here's my progress so far.  I have to admit a degree of surprise:  there is a certain "potato chip" quality to this project.  Way more compelling than I would have imagined.  It doesn't hurt that I really love working with handspun yarn - just an added bonus.

If you are hesitating, come on in!  The water's fine!