16 Repeats

I know this is hard to believe, but I have just now, on row ten million of the shawl, recognized a fundamental truth: 

This thing is slowing down as I move toward the end of it.

You would think that such cosmic trusim might have occurred to me before this point in the process, but there you have it.  I can't believe it - I'm actually going slower and slower because each row has more stitches in it than the last one.

Which means that right up to the point where that little lightbulb of a notion asserted itself, I was actually thinking - wait for it - that I should be finishing this up any time now

It was only when I counted the number of repeats actually present in the shawl, and then compared them to the number required by the pattern, that I truly understood:  I have been knitting a lot of diamonds, but there are many more still to knit. 

Stupid numbers.  Rotten counting.  Why's it always gotta be the math harshing my mellow? 

Indignation Complete.  Must be Monday.