What I Know About Plumbing

...would scarcely fill a drain trap.  So it was with no small panic that I called a plumber last week after returning home to discover my kitchen floor half an inch deep in water.

And I may have twitched a bit when she arrived, and gently let me know that my kitchen faucet had passed on to that great U-Bend in the Sky.  Then it occurred to me that I never liked that faucet.  It came with the house, and reminded me of the previous owners:  Cheap and Cheerful.

My Plumber (I have a Plumber now.  It makes me feel powerful.) is the lovely and talented Andrea, who loves Scottish Terriers (has one of her very own), and so was immediately approved of by Paisley, who supervised the job.

Andrea not only replaced my kitchen faucet with a sassy new pretty one, she installed a new kitchen sink and garbage disposal.  And with Andrea at my side to support the decision, I elected to disarm the Plumbing Gods by replacing the other three, equally crappy, sink/faucet combos in our house.

And now all things washy at Huff House are not only good as new, they ARE new.  Check out my sparkly new sink!  So much easier to appreciate than my new Catalytic Converter.  I especially like that I got to pick out the sprayer.  You should have seen the plumbing supply guy's face when I asked:  "Will this nozzle spray with enough pressure to rinse the detergent out of sheep fleece?"  I do love Muggles. 

So now, I won't panic when the toilets go (obviously that will be next), because I know I can call Andrea.  And hopefully she will turn directly to me for her next Knitting Emergency, should she ever have one.  One good rescue deserves another, after all.