Small Things

My first year at Sock Camp has taught me many things, and reminded me of many others.  Things we should be doing every day include:

Make new friends

Cherish old ones

Remember that while some secrets are best kept, some are better shared.

Sing songs

Eat good food

Take walks

The giving of gifts is as much for the joy of the giver as the recipient.

In Stephanie Pearl-McPhee's class I made these socks for the very first grandbaby of Sockateer (Camp Counselor) Cockeyed.  Cockeyed is not only one of the tireless pistons who drive Blue Moon Fiber Arts, she's part of the glue holding together the camp experience for us all.  It brought me such joy to give these to her.

So it's time to pack up and leave my first sleep-away camp experience.  And today is my 40th birthday, to boot.  I'm on to my next adventure, which probably involves getting up to a bit (coughMOREcough) trouble with my pal K.T.  We are driving from Bainbridge Island back to her house outside Seattle before I head home to Phillip and the Smallies.

Can't wait to see what happens next.