Road Trip

At last I located the perfect car for Phillip.  Yes, it was 175 miles away, but a little thing like that wasn't going to get between me and automotive fulfillment.  You see, having decided which make and model, I had my heart set on this very special Electric Blue paint.  Not because I am any huge fan of Electric Blue, but because it's the exact blue found in the logo of Phillip's favorite baseball team, the Chicago Cubs.   Having agreed to let him put a Cubs sticker on the car, I had to be sure that we got a color that I could stand to see that on.  Yeah, I know:  I need a life.  What can I say?  Colors matter to me.  A Lot.

So drive, we did.  The four of us piled into my car and headed North, to the dealership with whom I had already made the deal, over the phone.  Nobody panic; I had a trusted friend who was in the neighborhood test drive the car for me, before offering to buy it. 

After a whole morning in the car, the Smallies displayed remarkable patience while we waited for paperwork at the dealership.  Unlike their father, who is notably absent from this picture.  He was pacing the halls at this point, I believe.  Can't blame him, really.  He still had no idea what car he was getting, because I wanted to surprise him.  He knew what model I had been looking for, but not the year or the color.

Finally it was time for the big reveal.  Think he liked it much?

He's still getting used to all the features, but seems confident that he will acclimate.

True, it was a bit of an ordeal for me, but remember who the recipient is:  Father to the Smallies, walker of Scottie Dogs, and most important:  He never complains about the yarn.

Mission Accomplished.