Blinded by the Light

On the way home from Sock Camp, K.T. and Alice and I stopped by the legendary Churchmouse Yarns.   Even though I had completely blown my stash enhancement allowance, I managed to justify this as a birthday present to my inner knitter:

If buying it was wrong, I don't wanna be right.  Would you believe it's made in the USA?  Just in case owning it isn't enough to feel good about, I can tell myself that I'm supporting other American fiber artists, too.

One of the many things I noticed about myself as a knitter while at camp (where introspection is not only encouraged, it's required) is that I own very few whimsical little accessories.  Like, none, actually.  The other campers all kept appearing with gorgeous lace shawls, and beaded chokers, and embroidered i-pod cozies, while I appeared with nary a knitted personal embellishment.  I have a couple of excuses for this:  One is that the lion's share of my knitting is for work, and I haven't been called upon to work on that sort of thing professionally lately.  Another is that I never thought of making anything like that just for fun before.

But Sivia and Maria both provided me with plenty of inspiration by wearing such pretty things, that I realized I could branch out, too.  And then when I got home, I learned that my birthday party is a night out on the town this Saturday, with dressing up and everything.  So there was absolutely no further procrastinating.  I'm making lace:

It's fluffy, it's sparkly, it's in a color that makes me tingle.  I'm almost halfway done, and no; Dirty Laundry, I can not hear you bellyaching that I've been gone a week and have another week away coming up.  You are dead to me, yesterday's jeans and t-shirts.  Today, I only have eyes for this.