More String

In which I ignore perfectly sound advice. 

My pal Carson said "You won't like spinning that.  It's for needle felting".  He was perfectly correct.  I would probably not like spinning, or wearing an entire sweater made of this fluff.  But it's put up in these adorable little knots of roving that are every different color!  How could I resist?  So I made a bunch of cute little 2-ply skeins, and when I'm done there will be twelve different colors of yarn to play with!

And in case that wasn't enough fun, check out my e-bay score:

These are the coolest old textile mill bobbins.  They are marked "Gull Silk Co." on the end, and needed only a bath in oil soap to be ready for action.  What a fun way to store my tiny skeins!  I searched for "antique wooden spools" on e-bay, in case you would like to do the same.  So other than an unscheduled break to redecorate my daughter's room (yeah, I know - how is there an unscheduled redecoration?), I've just been sitting around,playing with string. 

The room redecoration began with an innocent attempt to change the sheets on Lindsay's bed, which caused the bed to actually fall apart.  In Pieces.  So it became obvious that she was ready to have the more sturdy (and larger) antique iron bed moved up from the garage.  And while we were between beds and the whole place was in chaos anyway, I thought I might as well paint her room, which I'd been blowing off meaning to attend to for the entire four years we've lived here.  Which led to a whole new set of bed linens, and well, you know how it goes.  All I wanted to do was change the damn sheets and the next thing you know I'm hanging off a ladder replacing a light fixture.  Go Figure. 

Remember when I used to knit things?  Me either.