A Perfect Fit

I spent Friday in class with the lovely and talented Beth Brown-Reinsel, who has done more to preserve the art of the Gansey than any other single person.  She has been teaching this class for twenty years, she told us.  Think about that:  Still interested and still interesting on the same subject, after two decades.  Here we see Woody sporting the fruits of my labor.  Under Beth's gentle and watchful eye, the students all made real ganseys, in miniature.  Note the authentic sleeve gussets, and adorable Channel Islands cast-on at the hem.  I am so excited to add another picot variation to my repertoire - watch for that one to get used again early and often.

Looking around and beginning to meet people at Madrona, I am starting to understand what a special group of people these artists are.  The retreat is celebrating its tenth anniversary this year, and the vast majority of attendees return year after year.  I'm pretty sure I'm going to become one of them.