No Pressure

I didn't know until today that this picture is from Norway.  That explains everything.  Clearly, this person has just been instructed to knit and then cut a steek.  Either that, or she has just  missed a deadline due to having left the sleeve she was working on behind at the office all weekend. 

The spotted sweater and pattern were supposed to be finished today, so that I can start the Next Big Thing tomorrow.  So naturally I did the only thing I could and started the Next Big Thing early.  Big is right, too.  It's going to be a man's sweater, and let me tell you:  300 stitches is a LOT of casting on.  I conquered it though, and now instead of just one unfinished WIP, I now have two.  Not the happiest place for result-oriented me:  Instead of the smug satisfaction that accompanies completion, I now have yet another process in front of me.

This is not the first project goal date I have missed.  With only 12 days allowed per sweater, my schedule is optimistic, at best.  I will be able to catch up.  Really.   No problem.