Change is Good

I'm excited about a number of things today.  In no particular order:

My sister Susie's birthday is today

Isn't she so sassy on her bike?  Happy Birthday Frog! I love your guts.

We're getting a new President

2 of these get to move to the White House.  Either way, History is made.

I am picking out new glasses frames this afternoon

Yes, I know...four eyes are not more glamorous than two, but I'm excited about being able to see.

I have a yummy new project on my needles

This is the Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran I have been hoarding since last summer.  I'm making the Aran Accents Vest  From Patons Cables.  The color is better represented here:

Change Is Good 5.jpg

A friend of my mom's used to call this color Lilac-y.  Not quite lilac, but not lavender either.  Purple is my desert island color; I never get tired of it.

So today is just a boring old Tuesday, except that it's overflowing with possibilities, and certain to change everything forever, even if only in little ways.  I wonder how often the days are this full, but I'm paying less attention?  I going to remember to be thankful for the changes, both big and small, that keep this life so interesting.  Will you?