Wildlife Photography

I've been knitting on the Butterflies scarf quite a lot.  I only stopped long enough to eat some turkey with my family, visit a few friends, and cherry-pick one or two holiday cyber-deals.  But now I'm back at it, as shown by this film of me, shot in my native habitat:

As you can see, I knit at a pretty good clip, so I ought to have the sample done before too long.

In addition to that, my intellectual wheels are turning in response to a question from Ginny G., who asks:

I have a stranded colorwork pattern designed to be worked flat. What would I have to do to knit it in the round with steeks, instead?

What a great question; and one we have all asked at one point or another. I'm so intrigued that I got hold of a copy of Ginny's pattern to see what I might do to help.  Stay tuned for my answer next time.