What I Did on Summer Vacay

Well, technically that is not accurate because I (unlike my schoolteacher husband and small children) do not have the summer off.  However, when they  are on vacation  it disrupts the rhythm of my life enough to lend a special quality to the warm months.  So here is what I'm working on:


Kinda subtle, no?  This will be a sleeve when it grows up.  As an experiment, I am using the world's shortest circular needles:


Here is a size 3, only 8" long, and made by KA. (get them at www.paradisefibers.net)  These are either the cleverest or the most diabolical thing ever invented for people who don't like DPNs, or magic loops, or any of the other gajillion ways there are to knit narrow tubes.  They have a groovy swiveling quality at the cable join, which allows them to work well, once you get used to knitting using only your fingertips.  This is a truly weird sensation though, and has me asking myself pretty frequently whether DPNs are all that bad for this project...Still, it's really nice not to worry about any ladder-ing, and there are only 2 points to snag on the floats.