Swatchmaster 3000

Gentle Readers, you may recall that a few posts back, I had taken it upon myself to make the sample swatches for my class at Madrona.  I stand by the decision, as having these done for my students sets them up for success, and it's just a nice way to go about it.  However, I will admit that it took much longer to get them then I expected.  Partly that's because of my Math Issue, and partly it's because I think I'm superhuman, which I'm not.  Don't tell my kids.

Here they are, completed, in all their swatchy glory.  They remind me of my own private clone army, marching off to sacrifice themselves to the cause of The Steek.

It's an apt comparison, really.  I always say we knitters will one day take over the world; so it's about time we had our own army, no?

I'm off to an ice skating competition with Lindsay for the weekend.  I know I should take knitting or I will be very sad indeed, but after spending this morning marshaling the army, I may actually be temporarily knitted out.  Impossible.  Someone take my temperature and arrange for emergency cashmere therapy.  STAT!