Yorkies and Mittens and Steeks, Oh My!

Last weekend I was invited over to Yorkshire Yarns to play.  Here are the Lakewood, WA knitters in their living room class area, working on some mittens.  

Note the smooshy chairs, delicious snacks, and big screen TV for our class slide show:  These people know how to rock a knitting class!  I wanted to stay all night.  I came back the next day and we steeked like maniacs.  Maniacs in extremely comfy chairs.

Sonya (third from the left, in the back) is the store owner and ring leader.  She raises Yorkshire Terriers.  Since I am also owned by a terrier (Scottish), we had a few notes to compare.

I have a cunning plan to invent a new design just for Yorkshire Yarns, and you can bet dogs will be featured.  Especially when the dogs are this kind of cute:

Stop it or I'll die from your adorablity.  I mean it.  Quit looking at me like that or I'll be forced to rub your belly.

After the yarn party in Lakewood, I dashed on up to Whidbey Island, then back down to Seattle, where I visited with my family, and even procured the perfect charcoal gray shoes to wear with my new Knot Garden cardigan (whose sleeves I am really going to sew on.  Really.)

While I was on the road, I made a bunch more swatches; only something like 10 more to go!  And just because I've never tried before, I started my first pair of knee socks.  What a rush!  They look huge, but we'll see...pics to follow, provided I don't frog them.

Note to the Mad Hatters of Wild Purls:  I am really looking forward to calling in to your Mad Tea Party on the 15th - knit on, because I'm dying to see the pictures!

For my Madrona Wisteria knitters, I've been checking in on you on Ravelry and I'm amazed by your progress - I can't wait to see all those Wisterias!  Can you believe it's almost finally here?

I've been promising myself some spinning time, so I think I'll use it as a reward for getting those sleeves sewn in.  What could possibly go wrong?