Madrona.2: What I Got

This year, the Madrona winter retreat held many firsts for me.  It was my first year to attend as a teacher, in addition to being a student.  It was the first time I taught the "Eeek! Steeks!" class to 24 students.  And it was the first time I ever had my photo taken with a life-size plastic horse (please don't ask).

Another truly unbelieverable first:  My "Eeek! Steeks!" students bought me a present.  As a token of their gratitude for my having made all the sample swatches for them, they brought forth nothing less than this gorgeous skein of cashmere.  Not kidding - these students just blew my mind.  It's Spirit Trail Fiberworks "Sunna" in violet.  And the big kicker?  They hadn't even been to the class yet!  Hope I didn't let them down.

The official Mary Scott Huff New Product Worth Seeing award, which I totally just made up, is herewith presented to Jeanne Humphrey, whose innovation will surely rock the world of stranded colorwork knitting.  Get a load of this Genius:

Truly, if there is anyone in the world who needs this killer apron more than I do, I challenge you to come forth and identify yourself.  It's specially made to hold all your balls of yarn at the same time, so they don't tangle, get dirty, or ensnare your legs when the doorbell rings.  No Lie - this is a product whose time has come.  You can even get extra snap-on pocket sets, so you can gear up with the project du jour and knit like the wind, UPS man or no.  Stay tuned for more on this one - I'm gonna give it the full workout as soon as I'm able, because I think Jeanne's sort of behavior should be encouraged.

And just because I know my Gentle Readers, and your lust for all things you haven't seen/felt/tasted before, here is something Truly New:

The gifted souls at Rain Shadow Farm have made Candy.  It looks like yarn, but trust me:  It's Candy.  Gorgeous, dreamy, fine, delicious Candy.  In all the colors of the first primroses.  And I bought some to celebrate the return of Spring.  "Orca" is an indescribably gorgeous blend of 65% Coopworth Lambswool and 35% Silk that literally melts in your hands.  This is the kind of precious yarn that has been made by hand, with the love and care you might save for an heirloom christening gown.  The pain-in-the-ass rolls that Thanksgiving is incomplete without.  The apple butter you make every year by calibrating Greenwich Mean Time with the Dark of the Moon and the harvest of the fruit...

Gush much?  You will too.  And if all that weren't enough, the names are to die for:  "Venus on the Half Shell"; "Bernadette".  This is the yarn you have been waiting for.  Call 360-297-4485 and give the person who answers all your money.  You will not be wrong.

Knit On, my Friends.