My preparations for the Madrona Winter Retreat have included finishing the Catkins Cardigan for its big debut:

I can't believe the enthusiasm you've shown for this design, Gentle Readers, as I've been working on the pattern and traveling around meeting knitters.  Knowing you were looking forward to seeing it really inspired me; Thank you so very, very much dear friends. 

It's not often that I still love my designs right when I'm done with them.  I usually require a time out before I can play nicely with them again.  Catkins is a notable exception.  It's going on tour with Toots LeBlanc & Co.; coming soon to a town near you!  I'll miss it.  Give it my love if you happen to see it.  Or better still, make your own...Imagine a knitterly Catkin Explosion to herald the spring!  Pattern in four sizes, to fit 36-46 inch busts.  Get it here on my pattern page, on Ravelry, or a real live printed copy at the Toots LeBlanc booth, wherever they appear.

PS:  A little bird told me that the artist who makes the Fine Silver Catkins Buttons will be at Madrona, with a few sets on hand to sell.  Interested parties (did I mention each button is signed, like jewelry?) should e-mail me for her contact info.