After Rhinebeck

Ultimately, the Sheep and Wool festival drew to a close.  We stragglers were like a bunch of bar flies at closing time:  "You don't have to go home, but you can't stay here."  This is the formerly-swamped entrance, with the last few hangers-on, including me.  Notice the fella there in the kilt - he just happened to wanter into my parting photo.  Sorta poetic, no?

We took in some sights the following day, including a wee little country place the Vanderbilts built during the Gilded Age, at Hyde Park.

The front yard of the Vanderbilt Estate at Hyde Park is the Hudson River.  And some really peepy leaves, as it happens:

Passable view, for a country place:

I looked into the water, thought things over, and declared my pilgrimage East a success.

All this and knitting, too.  Bliss, baby, Bliss.