Don't Quit Your Day Job

Happy New Year, Gentle Readers.  A big announcement:

I quit my day job.

After 14 years, I have resigned my post at the hospital.  Packed up my fish and left.  Didn't let the door hit me.  Said my farewells and didn't even cry.  Much.

Turns out that even I have my limits; notably juggling my family, my knitting, my writing, and my full time employment left me ragged around the edges.  Turns out that for me, "multitasking" means "doing more than one thing at a time badly". 

So while certain challenges lay before me, I am confident that I've made the proper decision.  And of course, I have Big Plans:

Institute Minimum Household Sanitation Thresholds

Find out where the Grocery Store is

Learn to Cook

Find out what the pets do all day

Go for a walk


Be waiting for the Smallies when they come home from school.

And this is just the preliminary list of Big Plans.  If things go well, I'm also going to look into getting a social life.  Well, at least find some like-minded knitters to hang out with.

The run-up to my big exit from the rat race has been intense.  When things start going down hill, it really does get faster at the bottom.  Job 1 as soon as I was free of the day job was to assemble and ship the Wisteria kits for Madrona:

Behold the glory of the handpainted Wisteria Yarn!  I got to ask especially for the yarn attributes I wanted for this project.  I got to specify the color palette.  I got to confer with the yarn artist.  And then I got to bring home this huge hurkin' pile of beauty to make the kits from!  How's that for a knitters' Dream Come True?  My Madrona students are SO going to love this. 

As for the actual kit-making, I had lovely assistants:

Lookit how Helpy they all are!  We assembled all the kits together, right here on the dining room table.  I asked them if they thought this would make us a Close-Knit family.  Three pairs of eyes rolled skyward, and the dog groaned.

So the kits are mailed, and I can breathe for a little bit.  Thing the Next will be the Catkins project.

And yes, Clementine is adjusting to the new scenery, as well.