3 Things I Know About Billings, Montana

Tomorrow morning at about a million o'clock, I'm going to visit Billings, Montana for the first time ever.  Here is what I know about it, so far:

1.    Billings is home to Julia Warmer, who owns Wild Purls:

2.    They have real winter there, not just a colder version of rain-slobber (which is what we have here in Portland, Oregon).  That is actual snow in the weekend forecast:

Somebody somewhere thinks highly enough of them as a city to have produced this T-shirt, on the assumption that others think highly of them as well:

Armed with these facts, I'm storming their beaches tomorrow.  I get to meet the knitters tomorrow, and then play with them all day Saturday.  Big. Fun.

My relentless quest for knowledge (okay, eleven minutes searching the internets) yielded the following important Montana-centric information:

            *    The largest snowflake ever observed was 38 cm wide was recorded in Montana on January 28, 1887. That’s just darn near 15 inches. Amazing!

            *    In Montana, the word "ditch” can be used to order a drink. It means "with water."  "I'd like a Jack Daniel's ditch, please" means, "I'd like a Jack Daniel's and water." This is not a joke. In fact, all you really have to ask for is a "Jack ditch." Try it out the next time you find yourself in a Montana saloon.

            *    It is illegal to have a sheep in the cab of your truck without a chaperone.

And now you, Gentle Readers, are at least as well-informed about my destination as I am.  Just one more service I provide.  Don't know what knitting to take yet. 

Something in Bison?