Thoughts of Spring

The Catkins project is careening toward the finish line, as I prepare for a teaching trip to Billings, MT this Friday.  I found the perfect ribbons for trimming Catkins over the weekend, so now I'm really ready to hurry up and finish it, already.  And then in my e-mail this morning, I got THIS:

That's right, my friends;  My fondest Catkins button dreams have just come true.  These have been created just for the sweater I am making.  I ask you: What could be better than this?  Can't find the perfect buttons for your pussy willow sweater?  Just call up the most talented jeweler you know and she'll whip up a little something that totally exceeds you wildest imagination.  Oh, and they'll be made of fine silver, too, if you can stand it. 

So now you won't get to see the Catkins again until I have it all done - you know the direction it's going, but I still want have it completely finished for the big reveal.

In the meantime, enjoy the view from my desk this afternoon:

Man, I love my new office.  The boss is a little squirrelly, but you really can't beat the atmosphere.