A Little Off-Shoulder Number

Catkins progresses...Sleeves are joined and yoke has begun.  Looks a bit Flashdancy at the moment, no?

I'm alternating between Catkins and the swatch project this week, which has been nice for the needle size variation (3 vs 8).  Allows me to alternate which muscles I'm clinching from time to time. 

This week I achieved 2 Full-Time-Mommy Milestones:  I successfully roasted a turkey breast (okay, dinner may have been at 9PM that night, but still), and I scrubbed the kitchen floor.  Well, I actully sloshed water on it creating mud, but I think it's still a win because I got lots of exercise, and the smallies were really impressed.  Not like you should lick the baseboards or anything, but baby steps.

And then I got bronchitis.  Coincidence?  I think not:  One cannot expect to wallow on the floor in the mud without contracting something nasty.  I consider this proof that housework is not only the domain of the uncreative mind, it's also toxic.  Fortunately, it's never too late to swear off.  Good thing I got that lesson out of the way.

This weekend the Snohomish Knitters Guild Yarn Train rolls into town, with my pals Lisa and KT aboard.  I'm meeting them at the yarn shop, and then doing lunch.  If that won't cure what ails me, then nothing will.